Now then. I live in the country, there are no streetlamps and I can hear birdsong from my living room. Out here there is more room to daydream and the air between my ears is clearer. I like coffee, but more accurately I like to draw while my coffee goes cold. Sounds peaceful doesn’t it?

Now for the other half. I grew up in the middle of a Morgan plus 8, and yes that is possible.  My father made a seat which fitted the transmission tunnel and up until the age of about 11 I was rocketed from the Scottish highlands to the south of France with a leg in each footwell and within equal distance of each side pipe. You could say there is blood in my benzine.

From an early age I was fascinated by cars. Dad competed in various amateur sprints, hill-climbs and occasionally circuit races which I went along to. In-between races I would have a colouring book or some paper to scribble on. Scribbles became recognisable cars, and soon competitors were late for their timed runs and races because I, aged twelve or so, was in the middle of a tricky bit of shading. The owner didn’t want to disturb me by moving his car and the start marshal was too busy watching!

This, by the way, only works at amateur events. I’ve found you can’t sit in the pits at Goodwood and ask Richard ‘Dickie’ Attwood to leave the Cobra he’s driving in the Whitson Trophy where it is for ‘just another five minutes’ while you sketch it. He will try to run you over……. but he did sign the picture afterwards!

So it’s fair to say that I’ve got the bug, but it’s more than that, more than a hobby. It’s got a tight grip on me but I don’t mind and I’m definitely not alone either …. You know who you are!
From quite an early age I’ve been lucky enough to passenger in, work on and drive some nice cars (mostly classic and vintage) but, though I’ve not given up hope, I will most likely never own those that are top of my list. And so in the meantime, all of that passion goes onto the paper.

I hope it shows and I hope you enjoy the result as much as I do.

John Rushton