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Bentley Drivers Club 2016 – Silverstone

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August again. That means holiday season, height of summer time and for us the Bentley Drivers Club Silverstone meeting. This year I’m being brave and making the journey in the Land Rover which makes the longest trip the car will have done since I’ve owned it. Why I should allow myself to get so worked up about this I don’t know, 150 miles from Somerset to Silverstone race circuit near Banbury isn’t such a big leap and I should trust my own workmanship enough to drive the car that distance. So we burble semi-cross-country to avoid the motorway as much …

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Bentley Drivers Club – Whit Weekend 2016

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My word, it seems like only yesterday since the Bentley Drivers Club (Scottish Region) were enjoying the slopes of Aviemore for Whit 2015 and yet Whit weekend has come around again, and what a gloriously summery weekend this year’s was. The BDC Whit weekend meeting has a colourful history, dating back farther than the founders would like to remember. In the beginning a small group of Bentley drivers would meet each Whit to enjoy the scenery of the surrounding Scottish countryside and of course, their cars. Over the years the party has grown from those founding members to over 100 …

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Bentley Drivers Club 2015 – Silverstone

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  I always think that this event should be in black and white, the mixture of vintage racing and (weather permitting) families picnicking on rugs is such a glimpse of previous years that you can almost hear the wind-up gramophone! This year we’re only up during the Saturday so unfortunately no late Friday night social the day before. It does mean however that the picnic is up and running by the time we arrive and it’s the usual delicious mix of sweet and savoury produced by our ladies and girlies. Well you can’t watch weekend racing without antipasti, pies, quiche, …