The triumphant Morgan plus 8, fast handicap race winner of Silverstone 2015 poses in the summer sun with its laurel wreath positioned over its air filters.

Bentley Drivers Club 2015 – Silverstone

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bdc silverstone 2015 – Race Meeting

august 2015


I always think that this event should be in black and white, the mixture of vintage racing and (weather permitting) families picnicking on rugs is such a glimpse of previous years that you can almost hear the wind-up gramophone!

This year we’re only up during the Saturday so unfortunately no late Friday night social the day before. It does mean however that the picnic is up and running by the time we arrive and it’s the usual delicious mix of sweet and savoury produced by our ladies and girlies.

Well you can’t watch weekend racing without antipasti, pies, quiche, bread, cheeses……. Oh and wine.

The atmosphere on the banking above copse corner is warm and friendly as people fan themselves with programs and catch up on previous and current affairs. The conversation at Silverstone, at least, is always sunny.

The 2014 event provided a thunder storm that was a spectacle in itself but it did make for a subdued day on the track. Thankfully this year seemed determined to make up for it and stayed dry the whole day which encouraged a spectacular turnout of both cars and fellow motorists. There’s plenty to look at down in the paddock too, as the stalls are mixed in with competitors to create a fine mix of memorabilia and auto mobiles. Last minute modifications are being performed as efficiently as possible whilst fending off the gaggle of onlookers who have been drawn by the open bonnet. The smell of fuel coupled with excited shouts and the experimental revving of engines is a fantastically busy and constantly changing scene which is best viewed from the epicentre and with an ice cream. 

The race program runs thus: the morning is full of qualifying races, with members of the Morgan, AC and MG clubs joining the BDC in a feast for eyes and ears. In between runs drivers spend the morning catching up with friends not seen since last year, and comparing any new additions to their cars. We arrived just in time for lunch, and to see the Bentley parade, which was as grand as it always is. It’s fantastic to see the younger generation chauffeuring while parents and owners (try to) relax as the passengers!

And the afternoon entertainment? Top notch.

The Bentley races produced some fantastic displays of driving and some good battles between the new and old (that’s cars and drivers)! The Morgan heat treated us to a fast paced cacophony of plus 8’s, fast fours and roadsters and the handicap and scratch races provided a magnificent door to door mixture of all of the above and more.

This year was the first time I’ve seen what my father’s car is capable of in the dry since its rebuild and I must say it’s…. interesting. Over the last year the Morgan has been treated to a dry sump as the ‘g’ in the corners with slick tyres on meant a wandering oil pressure. Not clever. However it’s definitely on song now! Biased as I am I think a few competitors were surprised by his overall position which merited a wreath, “Well done the auld fella”!

The end of the day always comes too soon. Helping to pack up the car, reliving race moments and getting a sneak peak of the Ford display practising their stunt show for the following day. It was another great day spent in excellent company.

As usual it wasn’t long enough but we’ll just have to do it again.

Lastly, occasionally we are reminded that our sport is dangerous and our thoughts go to the Morleys as we wish Clive a speedy recovery and to Sue Shoosmith who we wish a speedy mend.


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