Vintage and Classic Car Art by John Rushton

Grab a coffee and come on in…

  • Jaguar E-type Lightweight close up at Spa Race Track
  • Close up of the Lancia Stratos from John's pencil drawing 'Lancia Stratos disturbs the peace'. You can see the smoke and almost hear the roar of the V6 Dino engine as the Lancia slides hard into the cornet just behind the viewer and pauses to straighten before the driver attacks the climbing straight ahead.
  • A close up of John's Alfa Romeo P3 charcoal drawing, so close you can see the concentration on the driver's face as he tames the slippery P3.
  • Close up of the Graphite Grease Bentley drawing. This charcoal drawing shows John's father driving the Vernasca Silver Flag hill climb in his 3 litre Bentley, cornering hard as he turns in towards the viewer, the concentration showing beneath his flat cap on his otherwise-calm face.